Nestled in the seacoast of New Hampshire, Farmhouse Flower Barn is a small scale farm with a dedication to growing sustainable flowers and providing beautiful cut flowers to the community.  Our mission is to share our love of flowers with the wider community through education and inspiration. 

Practicing regenerative farming practices and completely solar powered, we believe that local flowers bring joy to people and significantly reduce the environmental impact of commercially grown and shipped flowers.

Farmhouse Flower Barn is located at 2 Sackett Rd in Lee, NH. The farm is located on the remaining 5 acres of the original homestead built in the late 1700’s.  Currently only a fraction of this is currently producing flowers but we plan to expand in the coming years.  

Not currently opened to the public, you can find farm tours on our YouTube Channel and Instagram. Fresh farm flowers are available at the farmstand during the growing season.  Check out our website for dates and times.  We have limited availability for special requests.  Please contact us to learn more about working with us.

Why Buy Local Flowers

For years, we have seen the value in buying local food.  The local food movement has worked to connect people with where their food comes from and helps decrease the environmental impact of mass transportation.  

The local flower movement is catching up, but there is still a way to go.

There are many reasons to purchase local flowers – here are just a few of them:

  • Purchasing flowers locally helps support local farmers and keeps more money in the community.  Local flowers grown at small local farms help to support small businesses in our own community.
  • Local flowers are generally more sustainable as there is less need for shipping and farmers have more control over growing practices and fertilizer use.  Currently approximately 80% of flowers that are sold are grown thousands of miles away in countries like Colombia, Ecuador and Thailand.  These countries have far fewer regulations on the use of chemicals, water usage, and workers rights than the United States.  These flowers are then treated with an insecticide to insure that no bugs pass through immigration on their way to major metro areas in the US.
  • Local flowers are fresh!  Many flowers coming internationally travel thousands of miles, get stored in airports, packed into trucks, and more.  Only flowers that can handle this treatment are sold to florists.  Local flowers on the other hand offer a much wider range of flower types that are grown fresh and delivered fresh – with love!
  • Flowers sold locally help reduce waste.  Flowers that are packed and sold over long distances come with oodles of trash.  Plastic sleeves, tubes, socks, sponges, plastic and paper wraps, tape and boxes are all used once and tossed out.  Local flower farms can choose how they package their flowers and we’re committed to as little waste as possible.
  • Working with local farms gives you more flexibility.  Working closely with a local flower farm gives you more flexibility and direct decision making when it comes to your flowers.  Some farmers will even plant certain flowers based on the needs of their customers or florists and they are committed to providing the best flowers.
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